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How to Design a Modern Crowned Shark Logo | Episode 1

Greetings wonderful people.

Before designing any LOGO, reading the client's requirements is essential.

This is the briefing of the company. Let’s read it. The name is Purple Shark creative studios. The colors are dark purple and light purple. And the description is:

We are design agency located on the prime location of Hyderabad. We provide range of graphic design services. Our primary goal is to design wonderful graphics for companies that will boost their sales and grow their customer base. Currently we are looking for logo that reflects our fast growth, a strong design that should stand out among competitors in the local market.

So let’s take a look again. The name is purple shark and the creative studios. So the colors are dark purple and light purple. The shark is one of the fastest moving fishes and purple is a royal color. From this description let’s pick up the keywords. I think Fast growth is right keyword and let’s see any other keyword. Alright, stand out among competitors. Which means logo should look different in the market so that it is easily noticed. Let’s highlight these keywords in bold italic style. So, growth and stand out are our two keywords.

I had hand drawn all these designs on a paper, scanned it and imported that drawing into Adobe Illustrator. The first drawing has a crown and shark is looking upwards but the hands look more like they belong to the whale than the shark, so I am rejecting it. Next drawing is showing Shark with tilted Arrow on top of the shark, this titled arrow indicates sharing or growth. But I think this is imbalanced design. So, I am not moving with it.

The next design has shark holding huge pen. That will look very general and nothing special. So, no to this.

Now this shark has a pen tool shaped crown and it is looking upwards. This is same drawing like the first one but with improved crown shape and overall shark shape. I think it fits the description.

Now the last design is just vague. Because it completely looks like whale, it has no shark vibes. I am going to reject all other designs and moving forward with this fourth design.

Let’s bring this image towards the art board and embed it. And I am going to lock it CTRL 2.

And these are the two colors light purple and dark purple that I have chosen from the website Adobe colors.

Alright so let’s begin this journey.

Now I am going use this Logo on different mockups to judge how attractive does the Logo look on every single material.

I hope you liked this tutorial.

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